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Palegria Framework

Connecting lean start-up methods to reach complex B2B corporate customers.

The Palegria Framework

I believe in scale-up concepts, that are build on strategic models, but are simple to implement. 

Working with more than 50 startups and scale-ups I've developed the Palegria Framework and a tool set that leverage startup and corporate models

 for B2B companies. 

The Drivers

Every growing company has to deal with for strategic drivers. 

To move the needle you need to indentify your greatest pain and work backwards to solve the different drivers to achieve your strategic and operational goals.

The Palegria Framework is like a flywheel.

The Plan to Kick-off

It always starts with a individual discussion to learn about you and your company.


It continues with an analysis


and ends with holistic plan  to achieve your goals 

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