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Book your GTM Officer

Expand your global footprint to the US, Latam, and EMEA today, while taking the time to hire your perfect candidate.

Your Go-to-market is broken

It's time to change.

Lack of Focus

Your GTM plans focuses on too many client, to many markets with too little resources. 

Wrong hires

You hired a growth executive, but it did not materialize into success. But into high opportunity costs of up to  CHF 1m due to a wrong profile.

Team misaligned

A lack of clarity leads to misalignment and frustration in your leadership team instead of growth energy. 

Partners and Clients

Palegria Growth Framework

Working with 60+ unicorns, scale-ups and startups I've identified the different success factors for faster growth on every stage of the growth path. From finding PMF to scaling and building a global category leader. 

CEO Sparring


CEO Sparring Partner

Helping you to gain clarity of a revenue-driven organization by connecting product, marketing, and sales teams. And building in-house expertise aiming for a repeatable, and profitable growth engine.

GTM Framework

Implement an impactful  Go-to-market plan for various markets from the U.S.A. to EMEA and Latin America based on 3 pillars: Where to play, how to play, and how to win? 

In partnership with a mission team of Sales, RevOps and digital & PR agencies we bridge your hiring time with expertise.


C-Level Alignment

Co-create with your

leadership team a growth and revenue-first playbook. Whenever necessary we 

join forces with market-specific experts to build faster and with confidence.


My name is Paulo Sergio Germann

I'm a bridge-builder between

  • Cultures (Brazil & Switzerland), and languages (G, E, P, F, ESP).

  • corporate (20 years),  and startup experience (5 years).

  • leadership (100+ FTE), and go-to-market (EMEA, Americas).


My passion is to help scale-up founders to build impactful revenue-driven go-to-market platforms and contribute to the next global Swiss Category leaders.


From strategy to operation. From people to investments.  From national to global.

I believe in teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. With my network of sales executives, growth marketers, and brand strategy agencies we help you to build dedicated mission teams.


Flexible, transparent, and entrepreneurial. 

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  • LinkedIn


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